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Additional Services

Simplified ICT Services & Support Services.


Our experience, knowledge and ongoing investment into ICT means we can provide additional services if needed. We can incorporate these services into your annual support to ensure you get the best deal. Many schools are trying to move ICT forward and we can help keep on top of changes to your systems no matter how big or small they may be.


 As a legal requirement and something auditors always check, asset management is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain. Clever ICT can support your school by setting up everything from the ground up. We take care of all requirements, including furniture and can deliver a fully working, reliable and properly set up asset management solution.


Our history of working with auditors means you can rely on what we deliver and be confident it will pass the most stringent of tests. Annual asset management checks mean you can be sure your school stays up to date at all times



At Clever ICT we not only want you to have the best possible solutions and system for your school, we also want them to look good too. We think well organised and appealing technology helps to attract more users and deliver overall increased satisfaction.


We can take care of your entire infrastructure needs, from new build cabling and design right through to restructuring an individual classroom or office.


We work with you to find the best design for how you want things to be, and use this information to deliver the best possible outcome. We undertake new internet/network cabling and fibre optic cabling and can provide this during or outside your annual support contract, depending on workload and individual situations.


Not only are you already getting the best service possible, but we also guarantee to beat the lowest cabling or infrastructure quote you may find



Many schools have recently implemented digital signage, and more are considering going down this route. We can help choose the perfect solution for your school and deliver it within agreed timescales.


If you already have a digital signage solution, we can maintain this for you and provide support no matter who your existing provider is.


The best thing about this service is we will automatically try and resolve problems as part of your annual service contract during your contracted time if possible.


If not, we guarantee to beat any digital signage new or existing solutions and support quotes so you get the best deal and the best service.



We want you to make the most of your school website and will help train staff on your website as part of your support agreement.


However, if you want us to manage your website completely without having to worry about out of date information or making time to implement the necessary changes, just let us have the information and we can do it all for you



We don’t like wires. Seriously, we don’t. If we could make everything wireless we would, but in the meantime we can at least help make things look a but more attractive by finding innovative ways of routing wires and hiding them so you don’t have to look at that big ugly mess on the wall or under the desk.


When you need new links or connections, then we’ll be there again to put these in for you.


Either as part of your normal support day if possible, or for bigger projects, for the cheapest price and great service that you would expect from us



We are still growing, and adding new services all the time. If you need support for anything that has not already been covered, talk to us, and we are sure you will be happy with how we operate and incorporate your needs to tailor your support.


Every school is different, and we want you to feel confident that you have the most reliable and adaptable ICT support available. Why not arrange a visit to one of our existing schools and talk to the head teacher, ICT coordinator, business manager or other members of staff?


Take a walk around the school and see for yourself what a difference we have already made.


We are sure you will be impressed

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